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Composite Bonding

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composite bonding can transform the shape, size or colour of any teeth along with also repairing defects and cavities.

Amazing craftsmanship meets modern dentistry to bring you the perfect smile.

Our composite bonding technique gives dramatic results that are indistinguishable from real teeth, but with little to no drilling, no injections and same day transformations—it’s hard to beat!

It requires a mix of artistry and skill – our clinicians refine their abilities through additional training courses. They delicately sculpt each tooth by hand in small increments using various shades; wrapped up by a delicate polishing for an effortlessly beautiful outcome.

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composite bonding

At a glance


Transforms the shape, size or colour of any teeth along with also repairing defects and cavities.

First Step

Your first step is a cosmetic consultation, where our expert cosmetic dentist will discuss all of your bonding options and ensure you are clinically suitable for treatment.


The composite is directly bonded to your teeth in just one appointment. This is followed by a review for any adjustments and a superfine polish.


Anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours depending on how many teeth are being treated.

Life expectancy

5-7 years but chipping, wear and staining can occur at any time. They are however easy to repair. Regular care, professional polishing and maintenance of the bonding is required.

Treatment Overview

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic and restorative treatment that adds layers of durable, natural-looking resin! Not only can you repair chips or discolouration, but you can even realign crooked teeth for perfectly straight smiles.

How does it work?

We roughen the tooth surface using pumice and gel before adding primers and bonds and a composite resin applied in layers.  We carefully select pigment shades perfectly matched to your teeth and harden everything under UV light. The bonding is then contoured and polished for a perfect finish.

Do I need a dental exam first?

We do like to ensure patients have achieved dental health before embarking on a course of cosmetic dental treatments. If you haven’t had a routine dental examination in the last year, it’s our advice to do so but please speak to us at your cosmetic consultation.

Why choose the dental box for composite bonding?

The dental box highly experienced clinicians have a special interest in minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. They have developed their skill and have trained under some of the world’s leading clinicians and academics in aesthetic dentistry.

How do I get started?

The first step in transforming your smile with bonding is a cosmetic consultation. Get in touch or book your appointment online.

Is composite bonding safe?

Composite bonding is a safe, simple and quick treatment. There are no adverse risks involved. Unlike veneers, your tooth is generally not ground down in preparation for the bonding.

Does it damage your teeth?

No. Teeth are prepared minimally with pumice and etch gel. The bondings can be polished off with little to no risk to your tooth surface should you wish to have them removed.

How long does it last?

Five to seven years is the typical life expectancy of composite bonding, while some last up to ten years.

They do however require a degree of polishing and maintenance to aid their longevity. It’s a strong material, but the resin isn’t as durable as your natural tooth enamel. Nor is it as hardy as the porcelain and other materials used in veneers or dental crowns so it’s not uncommon for them to occasionally chip or stain.

Can I whiten my composites?

Composite bonding is not impervious to dietary and lifestyle staining, especially in the spaces between the teeth. This can lead to composite bonding looking dark, dirty and stained.

You must commit to a professional maintenance regime with bonding, but where this does not give you a consistent colour and fresh appearance there is a whitening protocol that we can offer.

Contrary to popular belief, you can whiten your composite to return it to its original colour if your staining is extrinsic.

How do I care for my composite bonding?

While composite bonding treatment is quick and a smile makeover can be achieved in as little as a day,  you must understand there is a commitment to care required from you.

Composite maintenance includes:

  • A minimum of twice yearly dental hygiene therapy
  • Stain removal as required
  • Professional polishing with appropriate polishing material and equipment
  • Top-up whitening to maintain shade
  • Nightly wear of a Nightguard

At The Dental Box, we believe finance shouldn’t stand in the way of a standout smile! We provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident smile at a price you can afford.

You will be given an opportunity to discuss recommended treatment pricing and payment plans without pressure, commitment, or obligation. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your queries and requirements.

Cosmetic Consultation
Composite Edge Bonding


£200.00 per tooth
Composite Veneer Bonding


£350.00 per tooth
Composite  Maintenance


£200.00 per session
Cancellation Policy

Payment is required when booking to secure an appointment.  We require at least two clear working days’ notice to change or cancel an appointment to avoid your appointment being forfeited or a short notice fee being applied.


We can offer a range of  0% payment options to help you pay for your high-value dental treatment. Get in touch to find out more about your payment plan options!

enquire about payment plans

We offer a 10% discount on 4-7 bondings and a 15% discount on 8-10 bondings. Speak to one of the team today about our composite bonding discount packages!

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You will need to attend a cosmetic consultation to discuss your desired results and treatment options with one of our expert team. They will also ensure that you are clinically suitable for composite bonding and will advise you on any steps you might need to take before you begin your smile transformation.

You can book your consultation online alternatively you can give us a call if you would like to find out before.


Not sure how many bondings would look best on you? A wax-up or bonding trial could be just the thing needed to make that decision!


Your clinician will let you know how long your appointment will be. Expect a minimum of 1 hour and up to 5 hours for a full arch of bonding. Your teeth will be minimally prepared and the resin material applied directly to your teeth in just one visit.


There is nothing quite like living with your new smile to know if you’re truly delighted, so we invite you back for a review after one week. We will make any adjustments to the bondings and give them a real super fine polish.


How well you take care of your teeth and gums, alongside your regular lifestyle habits, plays a big part in determining the life of the composite.

Since composite resin is more porous than tooth enamel or porcelain, it can absorb deep-coloured food more easily. Therefore, regular maintenance of your bonding is required to keep them looking great.

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