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Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygiene assists you in maintaining good oral health and preventing gum disease.

Gum disease, although very treatable, is the leading cause of tooth loss. This is why at dentalbox we take a preventative approach with routine dental hygiene therapy appointments to support good oral health.

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Dental Hygiene Tunbridge Wells

At a glance


Comprehensive clean of the gums and teeth. Removes hardened plaque and tartare and removes stains and surface deposits

First Step

Our expert dental hygiene therapy team offers appointments without the need to see a dentist first so you can book a dental hygiene appointment right away


 Typically, patients visit the hygienist every 3, 4 or 6 months. This interval is set to your specific treatment requirements


New patient dental hygiene appointments 45 minutes. Routine appointments 30 minutes


Periodontal gum assessment. Comprehensive scale & polish with individualised oral health demonstration and advice

Treatment Overview

What is dental hygiene?

A dental hygiene therapy appointment involves scaling and root planing to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Your hygienist will also spend time giving you information and demonstrations on the best tooth-brushing techniques, flossing techniques and/or the use of interdental brushes for your teeth. They may also share information related to stopping smoking, diet advice and the use of fluoride in preventing tooth decay and bad breath.

How often should I see a hygienist?

If the gums and teeth are generally quite healthy, we would advise every 6 months. However, upon advice, we may recommend more regular attendance, every 3 or 4 months, to maintain the health of your gums.

Why see a hygienist?

Even the best brushers have hard-to-reach areas.  Plaque builds up and hardens in the places that are repeatedly missed, making it impossible to remove at home. A dental hygiene appointment will ensure all hardened plaque and calculus are removed, protecting your gums from bacteria and inflammation.

Failing to remove the deposits above and below the gum line leaves your teeth at risk of advancing gum disease. It can lead to periodontal disease which can destroy your tooth’s supporting gum and bone structures – which can eventually lead to wobbly teeth.

And with gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, we believe a preventative approach and commitment to routine dental hygiene appointments is vital.

Why choose dentalbox for hygiene?

Our dental hygiene therapy team are very attentive, gentle and thorough. We strongly believe that providing educational tips and demonstrations will aid in life-long healthy teeth and a brighter smile.

We offer understanding, support and treatment in a relaxed and caring environment and work collaboratively with patients as individuals to achieve successful treatment outcomes together.

How do I get started?

You can book to see our dental hygienist without being referred by a dentist. We will see you as a new patient and provide you with a tailored hygiene regime and recall interval.

But, it is wise to consider a dental hygienist will not be able to assess or comment on the health of your teeth or diagnose dental decay and other treatments needed.

We recommend that you have regular dental exams too, to keep an eye on the health of your teeth and soft tissues, but you can have your teeth cleaned without the say-so of a dentist under what’s called ‘direct access’.

How can I remove stains from my teeth?

Teeth can stain for a variety of reasons due to the food and drink we consume and other activities such as smoking. This can result in discoloured and yellowish brown-looking teeth.

During a hygiene visit, our hygienists can remove this staining using specialised instruments which can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter as well as provide you with advice on how to avoid staining on teeth.

What is plaque, tartar and calculus?

Dental plaque is the build up on the smooth part of the teeth which is soft and removable with a normal toothbrush. It is a mix of food debris, skin from the mouth, saliva proteins and bacteria. Plaque can easily be removed with twice daily toothbrushing and the correct flossing or interdental cleaning technique.

Tartar or calculus is similar but it is the hardened, yellow version of plaque. Tartar or calculus is the result of allowing plaque to develop over a long period of time, which will require professional removal.

What is severe gum disease?

Severe gum disease is professionally known as periodontitis. It usually presents with some loss of bone. Unfortunately, unlike gum disease, its effects on tooth structure and surrounding tissues are not reversible. But, it is treatable and you can prevent it from progressing.

If not it can eventually cause wobbly teeth, pain and possible infections. When this is identified, it usually requires several sessions of deep cleaning which may even need to be carried out under the supervision of a gum disease specialist known as a periodontist, with the maintenance support of dental hygienists.

Who would benefit from dental hygiene?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is beneficial for everyone. Even people who no longer have any of their own teeth can benefit from good oral hygiene as it reduces the risks of mouth cancer and denture stomatitis.

It is important to instil good oral hygiene practices in people from a very young age so we recommend routine hygiene appointments for children too. However, it is never too late to take the steps to elevate your oral hygiene and properly look after your mouth.

At The Dental Box we believe finance shouldn’t stand in the way of a standout smile! We provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident smile at a price you can afford.

You will be given an opportunity to discuss recommended treatment pricing and payment plans without pressure, commitment, or obligation. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your queries and requirements.

Comprehensive Hygiene Visit

comprehensive gum assessment, sub and supra gingival scaling and oral hygiene demonstration and instructions PLUS Free Air Polish Upgrade

Maintenance Hygiene Visit

routine gum assessment, maintenance scale & polish and oral hygiene demonstration and instructions as required

Short Hygiene Visit

routine gum assessment and basic scale & polish 

Children’s Hygiene

gum assessment, plaque disclosing, scale and polish & tailored oral hygiene instructions. (children’s fee applies to patients with primary dentition)

Cancellation Policy

Payment is required when booking to secure an appointment.  We require 2 full working days’ notice to change or cancel an appointment to avoid your deposit being forfeited or a short notice fee being applied.


We can offer a range of  0% payment options to help you pay for your high-value dental treatment. Get in touch to find out more about your payment plan options!

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You can book to see a dental hygienist without seeing a dentist first under direct access.

This is a great option but we do recommend dental hygiene appointments are paired with a dental examination.  You can book a new or routine dental exam to check your overall dental health and then be referred to one of the dental hygiene team or you call us or book an appointment with a dental hygienist online right away.


One of our dental hygiene team will provide a thorough gum health assessment and will take the time to discuss any clinical findings. Your dental hygiene appointment and hygiene recall will then be tailored to your specific needs or motivations.


Your teeth will be cleaned with a mixture of hand scalers and ultrasonic scalers. Both have their place and are outstanding tools to remove plaque, stains and debris.

But it is the ultrasonic scalers which produce chaotic shape oscillations to disrupt the biofilm. Which is the key to successfully stopping bacteria growth on your tooth surface and helping to protect and regenerate gum health.


The majority of surface stains will be removed with scaling (cleaning) but the dentist-clean-feeling is given by the prophy polish on freshly cleaned enamel.

While polishing removes stains residual leaving teeth bright and shiny, it is not just a cosmetic procedure. It also smoothes away minor imperfections and patches of rough texture on the teeth to protect against further plaque build-up.
You can elevate your polish even further, book an extended dental hygiene appointment with a free Air Polish! Or upgrade your routine appointment when you book.

You will be given some take-home oral hygiene instructions. Tailored to any concerns you raised or as a result of your dental therapist’s findings.

If stopping smoking advice applies to you, this will be included too.

We will also let you know the best time frame for you to return to support optimal oral health, protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease and remain ahead of routine maintenance.

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