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n. family club x dentalbox

exclusive collaboration offers and discounts

As a loyal family at n. family club you have exclusive access to discounts and offers here at dentalbox.


10% Off Enlighten Evolution 4 Whitening – the world’s best whitening that guarantees a B1 Shade

Dental Hygiene

£30 off your first Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Session

Orthodontic Consultation

Free Specialist Orthodontic Consultation for Adults, Teens and Children. Early interceptive treatment can help avoid future problems by creating room for adult teeth to erupt properly and normalising the relationship of the upper and lower jaw.

Lumi Eyes

30% Off Lumi Eyes – the dark circle busting polynucleotide, say goodbye to tired eyes!

Polynucleotides for Hair Loss

Free hair loss consultation and 10% off your first treatment!

Facial Aesthetics

Free Consultation and 10% Off any facial aesthetics treatment.

Send us your details below before you book and we’ll apply the offer and discount to your appointments!